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BullBag Advantages / Dumpster Bag Pickup / Debris Removal Disposal

Bullbag Dumpster Bag Advantages:

  • You own your REUSABLE BullBag Dumpster Bag
  • Perfect for Junk Removal
  • Designed and built to be Contractor Tough
  • The Bull Bag is backed by a Lifetime Warranty!
  • Single disposal price for ease of budgeting! Eliminate guesswork!
  • Cost effective, versatile, reusable and lightweight
  • Easy to set up, use and store
  • Replaces large metal dumpsters
  • Disposal goal of 2 -3 business days* from order placement
  • No damage to driveways, sidewalks or lawns
  • Can be placed within your property - we will come empty it even if not curbside.
  • The BullBag is eco-friendly and reusable, unlike Bagster which is one time use.
  • No scheduling rentals or waiting for metal dumpsters to be delivered
  • Never pay an overweight charge or delivery fee!
  • Disposals done by BullBag Wranglers - never contracted out!
  • Keep multiple empty bags in a small storage area
  • Bull Bags can be placed and picked up in hard to reach areas such as garages, snow banks, over fences and behind buildings
  • Ideal for junk removal, household debris, cleanouts, renovation, remodeling debris and job-site cleanup
  • You can use your BullBag for yard debris in most areas*
  • Handles any job big or small
  • Holds up to 4,500 LBS

Questions? Email us at or click here or call us at 866-414-2855(BULL) or 754-600-5115

* service goals vary by location. please contact customer service for service goals for your area.

* yard debris accepted in most areas. please contact customer service if you have any questions.

Our Bagster BullBag Bull Bag Dumpster in a Bag service is a convenient solution for debris removal on all sized projects, jobsites with limited space, or emergency situations.When a dumpster is too big for the job or simply not an option, or inconvenient this innovative, on-demand solution in waste removal and disposal can help you get the job done.Bagster Dumpster in a Bag. Is an on-demand waste removal solution, perfect for small projects or sites with limited space.Is a cost-effective alternative to dumpsters and metal dumpsters for smaller projects.Is a highly durable, woven bag that will not tear of puncture and is guaranteed for life and reusable.Can hold up to 4500 lbs of debris and up to 4500 lb., including full sheets of plywood, doors and even a bathtub and pay only for the height filled never by weight and we can pick up anywhere on your property. there is never a fee for speaking or scheduling a disposal with our customer service team like bagster which charges $8 in south florida.

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