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reusable dumpster bag, bagster, bullbag, the bullbag, dumpster, The Bagster Bag®Can Take It On.When a dumpsteris too large and trash bagswon't cut it, this innovative solution is tough enough to hold your renovation project and cleanout debris.Buy the Bagster Bag or Bull Bag or BullBag at Your Local Home improvement store.It comes in a compact package, so it's easy to carry and store. Buy as many as you need and fill them up when you're ready.Fill.Fill your bagster or bullbag or bull bag bag with up to 4,500 lb of debris or waste.You don't have to wait for a dumpster to be delivered or finish your project within a rental time period. Gone. schedule your collection online or by phone.When you're done, scheduling and paying for a pickup is quick and simple so you can get on to the next task. The average cost is $150 per bag,but varies by area.Service not available in all area.Visit THE BAGSTER.

how reusable dumpster bags work

Additional BullBag Information:

  • Purchase your personal BullBags by going online to, by visiting your local retail store or by calling 1-866-414-BULL
  • BullBag has 120+ retailers in CT, MA, RI, NY, FL and TX there is a retailer near you. If purchased through the BullBag website or telephone, a BullBag will be mailed directly to your home or business. You can even get your bag overnight and in some areas the SAME DAY delivered right to your front door!
  • Use your BullBag to dispose home and yard debris and unwanted materials around the house, or if your a contractor, for job-site clean up where you want things quick, easy and convenient.
  • When your BullBag is full, go online to: or call 1-866-414-BULL, to have one of our BullBag wranglers visit you for a disposal
    • One of our wranglers will arrive to empty your reusable BullBag. Once emptied, we will reset it, or roll it up for your to store and reuse another time. If the bag is overfilled and/or the weight exceeds the bag limit, there will be a $100 charge for the driver to manually unload the bag to the safe lifting weight.*
  • BullBag offers Contractor, Veteran Discounts, Large Volume user discounts as well as Multiple Bag Disposal Discounts to everyone if picked up at the same time at the same location.
  • Additional bullbags may also be purchased from your friendly BullBag retrieval team.

How it Works

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