Where do I put my Bull Bag?

The Pro's Tips:

  • Anywhere the ground is stable and
  • Not over underground utilities such as septic systems and drain pipes.
  • Away from all overhead wires and trees  -  we need 18' height clearance.
  • Our trucks are the size of a smaller school bus / oil truck.
  • We need to be able to reach the bag 20' or less from the center of our truck.
  • We need 9'6'' width clearance. Length  45' clearance. Height for boom 18' clearance

Can I put the BullBag in my garage? YES!

TIP: We recommend if you need to have the BullBag in your garage that you sprinkle rice,sand,popcorn,macroni,etc so that when your BullBag Wrangler slides the bag out, friction doesn't negatively affect the bag...and it makes for an easy clean up.

Can I put the BullBag behind a fence?  ABSOLUTELY!

As long as we have 24' of reach to retrieve the bag (from the center of the truck)

Can I put the BullBag on a second floor? SURE CAN!

As long as we have 24' of reach to retrieve the bag (from the center of the truck) and there are no overhead wires or tree branches blocking access.

Roofing contractors suggestion - from Roofers to Roofers!

Want to reduce your clean up work? Current Roofing customers recommend installing your scaffolding around the house and set up BullBags at the gutter line on the scaffolding or at the base of it. BullBag trucks can pick up and empty your BullBags right from the scaffold to eliminate damage to landscaping, siding, windows etc  that are typically associated with roofing projects.

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