Dumpster 101

We know you need the best solution available to fit your project at home on on site. Get educated on what is available and what are the pros/cons to alternatives. The Bull Bag is your clear choice for an environmentally safe, affordable and simple disposable solution! It's "One tough bag and that's no bull!"

The BullBag

Waste Management Bag
(Green Color Bag)

Metal Dumpster


8 cubic yard bag with 4, 6 and 8yd fill line options

Only 3 cubic yard Multiple size metal dumpsters


BullBag is Eco-friendly  and reusable Single use bag Dumpsters need to be delivered for each use

Environmental Impact

Eco-friendly reusable bag - no added waste The Bagster is taken away with your debris and ends up in a landfill each N/A

Where to buy

Retailer or Online ... Once!

The BullBag has a Lifetime Warranty. You own it for life and it's ready when you are. 

You must purchase a Bagster at a retailer each time you need it because of its one time use. Must call and rent a metal dumpster.  When you get it is pending availability for delivery.

Pick Up Availablility

Typical disposals happen within 2 business days Historically, documented disposals occur within 10-14 business days Rental period of 3 days to 2 weeks depending upon what is paid for

Cost to own or rent

The BullBag is purchased once for $39 The Bagster costs $29.95 each time you need one.  Rental costs can range from $125-$385 for 3 days – 2 week periods 

Disposal rates for CT, MA and RI

4 Cubic Yards: $169  6 Cubic Yards: $229 8 Cubic Yards: $289

BullBags have NO Additional Fees!

3 Cubic Yards: $146-$187 per disposal.  Plus a  charge of $4.00 to speak with a person if not done by website Dumpster rental usually includes set amount for small weight. Then pay for each ton over

What can go in it?

BullBag accepts household, cleanout, furniture and yard debris.  Remodeling and construction debris and anything not explosive, environmentally hazardous or biohazardous. Bagster will not accept yard debris or furniture in most areas, or anything explosive, environmentally hazardous or biohazardous Metal dumpsters handle the same debris and materials as the BullBag

How much can it hold and what are the disposal fees?

  • BullBag holds up 8 cubic yards
  •   Holds 2.5 tons ... included in flat disposal price
  • Pay ONLY to height filled
  • No Fuel Surcharges
  • No Overweight fees
  • No Rental Fees
  • Accepts yard debris
  • Bagster ONLY holds 3 cubic yards
  • Will ONLY hold 2,000 lbs
  • Will not take if the bag is over 2,000 lbs
  • Will NOT take the bag if it contains yard debris or if overfilled
  • Dumpster rentals usually  include 1/2 - 1 ton in rental price
  • Overage weight is usually $85/ton extra.
  • Additional fees charged if over inital requested time.
  • Fuel surcharges charged.

Awards Won

BullBag is the only waste company to win "Angies List Super Service Award", the CT Technology Counsel and be invited to participate in the CT Innovation Summit. Additonally, multiple customer service awards! Bagster has none Metal dumpsters, If any, may vary by company.

Discounts / Offers

BullBag Provides: Contractor discounts, Veteran discounts and multiple bag discounts to everyone when emptied at the same time at the same location.

BullBag offers large volume user discounts

BullBag offers contractor discounts.

Bagster offers no contractor discounts. Discount is offered for multiple bags emptied at same time With metal dumpsters, the price is the price. You must trust that they are telling you accurately what the overweight fees are

Legal Issues

BullBag can legally operate in every state without issue.  It has no restrictions or limitations. Bagster must hire contractors to work for them in states where they are not permitted to legally operate due to federal restrictions.  They sell bags not knowing if they can service those areas Metal dumpster companies usually operate locally or regionally unless a national company

How it Works

Bull Bag Disposal Fees

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